As it frequently happens, a publicist or some other music industry type will send me an email about a band playing somewhere in town, and the email typically will have a heading along the lines of “think you might dig this.” Often i’ll wonder if this particular contact knows me or actually has been reading this site on a regular basis because what they’ll pass on will be – well frankly, awful. 

In this case, the publicist who recently emailed is a dear friend and the band she was emailing me about the Main Squeeze has a bluesy, rock vibe that’s familiar to me – i can’t help but think of Robert Randolph and the Family Band but much more amiable, and with playful digressions into what sounds like prog rock, and jazz fusion on the almost ten minute jam track “I’ll Take Another (Gimme One More)." 

The official video will give you a great sense of what it would be like to catch this band, a band that has played alongside the legendary Roots Crew and played festivals like Bonnaroo, Equifunk and others. They’re playing tonight at Brooklyn Bowl before Questlove’s Bowl Train party, and based on their sound alone, they may well become the next big jam band you need to catch live.