As the co-founder of Monotonix, guitarist and composer Yonatan Gat was part of a band that was once hailed as being one of most intense rock bands in the world. But after five years of recording and touring, a period that saw two full-length efforts and an EP, plus a touring schedule that had the band in over 40 countries, Gat had decided to take a little time off – that is until he was inspired to do an impromptu solo effort, titled Iberian Passage.

The material on Gat’s solo debut was reportedly influenced by the drumming of Igor Domingues, the early work of Os Mutantes, and Miles Davis. And in fact, while in Portugal, Gat booked an impromptu show with Domingues, which was recorded for a 7 inch EP titled, Live at Cafe au Lait.  Gat later returned to Portugal to record with Domingues. And once there, Gat engineered and recorded every instrument with the exception of drums. 

“Kotonou,” the second and latest single off Iberian Passage has an explosive punk energy but a free-wheeling, improvised feel. The song sounds as though it’s based on a simple 12 bar blues with variation propelled forward by Domingues’ tribal drumming. In some way, it makes the sound feel subtly hypnotic.