As the story goes, guitarists Daniel Rosado and Steven Harkins, the founding members of the San Francisco, CA-based band Melted Toys bonded over a shared joint while cutting their high school Phys Ed class. Naturally, Rosado and Harkins were subsequently caught and suspended and they soon crossed paths with a soon-to-be bassist from a nearby high school, Brian Wakefield. 

Back in 2009, the trio released the Washed and Dried EP, which managed to win quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere for a hazily psychedelic and plaintive indie pop – with elements of electronica, as their sound employs synths and drum machines to flesh out their sound.  Due to a couple of mishaps which included one of the members losing a laptop with the album’s files on a San Francisco BART train. The members of the band then re-located to Los Angeles; however, it was Harkins’ travels to Asia – in particular Taipei – which further influenced the newly rewritten material that would comprise their recently released self-titled debut. 

“Always” is the latest single and video from the album and it’s a fever dream of a song and video of the sort where it seems impossible to discern reality from dream – a common sensation for those who have spent significant portions of time traveling.