As the story goes, lead vocalist and guitarist of Mainland, Jordan Topf scraped together enough money to buy a band and set out on a cross country tour with this bandmates after the sudden death of his father. And naturally, the experience of being on the road, with it’s certainties and uncertainties were deeply inspirational for the band; after all, despite a number of personal and financial troubles, the band had their work, and they went balls to the wall about it. While on a tour stop in Austin, they ran into Spoon’s Jim Eno who showed an interest in recording and working with them at his studio, Public Hi-Fi

The band returned to NYC, wrote material and picked the four most urgent, most passionate songs they’ve ever went and recorded their debut effort, Shiner in Austin, TX. Interestingly, in a short time, the band’s sound has been compared to the likes of the Smith Westerns, Television and others – and although I understand those comparisons sort of, they are a little unfair. What I will say that on debut single “Savant” that there’s a raw, primal urgency – the sort of raw, primal urgency of passionate youth. 

The band is finishing up a residency at January residency at Piano’s before hitting the road.