At the beginning of this year, I had interviewed Morgan Christopher Geer who writes and records under the moniker of Drunken Prayer about his fantastic 2012 release Into the Missionfieldand other subjects, and the interview was among my favorites i’ve done on this site as he’s a charming rogue. Around that time he quietly released a Christmas single of original Christmas-inspired material. 

The A side “it’s Christmastime” has it’s narrator lamenting over his cruel sweet baby who’s “ho ho hoing around” with everyone in his life. The song’s arrangement includes mournful horns and strings, and shuffling drums to accompany him. The B side “Look Ma, i’m Drunk (and I’m Crying),” is a shuffling, sad sack blues. But throughout both songs there’s a bitterly ironic wit – the sort that says “it hurts way too much to cry, and the only thing you can really do is laugh at how ugly and absurd everything can be." 

My favorite line from both singles "If Jesus were here/He’d buy me a beer.” A-fucking-men. Merry Christmas everyone!