Australian singer/songwriter Orly is one of a number of extremely talented singer/songwriters who relocated to New York. And it’s an incredibly talented group that include the likes of Elin Ruth, Shelley Bhushan and many others. 

With the release of her self-titled debut EP, Orly gained the attention of fans in New Zealand, her native Australia, Europe, and the US. Distraction is Orly’s latest and sophomore effort, and “Recover” is the first single off of it. The song’s wistful narrator is desperately trying to recover from a broken heart after the painful end of a relationship – and she admits that until she finds a lover like the one she once had, she can’t possibly move on. Orly’s voice on this single manages to convey wistfulness, hope within the turn of a phrase. Oh and it should be pretty obvious – she’s stunningly gorgeous. 

You can catch her perform this song and the rest of the material off her new album Tuesday night at the Cutting Room