Back in 2010, the Toronto, ON-based band Dinosaur Bones released an album that I really enjoyed, My Divider. Sonically, the album consisted of material that was pretty complex – it was full of varying time signature changes and a melodic sensibility, while being both introspective and rocking hard. Shaky Dream is the band’s forthcoming effort, and it’ll see an August 6th release and the band enlisted the assistance of John Congleton, who has worked with the likes of St. Vincent, the Walkmen and Explosions in the Sky to produce the new album. As you’ll hear on the album’s latest single, “Nothing Left Between the Lines,” the material still manages to be melodic and anthemic but the sound is noticeably stripped down, and in turn moodier. 

Kelly Jeffrey, the director for the “Nothing Left Between the Lines” describes the video as  following “the passage of a young man, abstracted into ‘chapters’ that erratically bleed together emotions of confusion, comfort and torment. Dreamlike layering and unexpected juxtapositions create an unstable reality [which are] difficult for this man to withstand.”