Back in 2011, Eksi Ekso (pronounced X-E X-O)’s vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Tom Korkidis came to drummer Alex Mihm with the idea of creating an album based on two narrative perspectives – that of the victim, and that of the perpetrator. After several conversations, both Mihm and Korkidis started researching serial killers and victims throughout recorded history. Serendipitously, a friend, who had no idea they had been working on thematically, recommended that they read Erik Larson’s The Devil and the White CityThe Devil and the White City details the absurd and yet true life story of infamous mass murderer H.H, Holmes (born Herman Edward Mudgett), as well as those of his victims, while deconstructing his myth. 

“Gold Cures” is the latest single from their latest effort, Archfiend is a slickly produced, danceable track, that manages an underlying sense of menace and dread.