Back in the late 90s, the Providence, RI drums, bass and effect duo La Machine released a bunch of CD-R based albums – we’re talking about real DIY effort. However, Phases and Repetition never made it past an initial mix to cassette. 

The Oh Sees’ Jim Dwyer, who had been a big fan of theirs, and played a number of shows with the duo, convinced the duo, of Rick Pelletier and John Loper  who had lately been members of Six Finger Satellite (Loper had joined the band in the mid 00s), that they should dig the original masters out of their hiding place, blow the dust off, and let Dwyer release the album on his label, Castle Face Records

The result, as you’ll hear on “Too Bad,” the latest single off the album is a churning, trippy sound that sounds as though it owes some debt to dubstep – we’re talking about a repeated groove played through several layers of reverb and distortion. It’s the sound of being fucked up on psychedelics that has everything in your field of vision coming in and out in slow motion waves. .  .  .or of a Sonic Youth on Xanax. 

The official video is fitting trippy as well. Check it out.