Beacon’s For Now EP was a hauntingly ominous album that manages to burrow into the dark places of regret, temptation and obsession – it’s an anxious, fever dream of an album. As a result, For Now landed at number 7 on this site’s Best of 2012 behind the co-number 1s Cody Chesnutt’s Landing on a Hundred, and Lee “Scratch” Perry and the Orb’s The ORBSERVER in the star house; Bear in Heaven’s I Love You It’s Cool at 2; The Funk Ark’s High Noon at number 3; Steven A. Clark’s Fornication Under Consent of the King at number 4; Strong Arm Steady’s Premium EP and House of Blonde’s Clean Cuts at co-number 5; and Yakamanta//Sonic Titan’s YT//ST at number 6. 

Beacon will be releasing their their much anticipated debut full length, The Ways We Separate through Ghostly International on April 30th. “Bring You Back” is the first single from the new album and it’s sinuous synth lines it bears an uncanny resemblance to Kid A and Amnesiac-era Radiohead – yeah, seriously. It still manages to maintain an icy, anxious feel, that conveys dread and regret in such a way that feels like 4am.