Because I have an active blog, and could easily be found on Google, i often have a number of PR firms and bands based around the world contacting me about covering their respective projects. And not only is it flattering, I see it as an opportunity to introduce interesting and new music to readers – in particular, music that wouldn’t normally get a ton of attention here in the States. 

I recently heard from the Australian indie rock band, Dollar Bar. Their sophomore effort, Paddington Workers Club was released to critical praise last month – Australian blog Soundly Sounds had the band’s second single “Diff’rent 4 Gurls” was number 4, on that site’s top 10 Australian Songs of 2013; and several Australian blogs reviewed the album quite favorably. 

“Diff’rent 4 Gurls” is a scuzzy, boozy, bluesy bit of indie rock – the sound of dark, sweaty basement clubs, and dive bars that reek of sweat, spilled beer, and desperation.