Blouse recently put out the official video for “A Feeling Like This,” the second single off their sophomore effort, Imperium, which Captured Tracks Records released earlier this fall. The album is reportedly a major sonic departure as the band went from synthesizers and other electronics to actual instrumentation that they couldn’t plug in. 

Lead vocalist Charlie Hilton has described the “A Feeling Like This,” as examining “the ephemeral nature of the psychedelic experience,” and the surreal video, directed by Angus Borsos manages to bring the feeling (obviously when taking psychedelics) when for one brief moment, there’s a clarity – and everything makes perfect sense. 

When you hear the song, you can’t help but notice Hilton’s somewhat aloof and ethereal vocals, floating through a song that sounds as though it owes a great debt to 80s pop and New Wave – but trippier and with a great bass line.