BLXPLTN (pronounced Blaxploitation) is an Austin, TX-based trio comprised of TaSziin Muerte (electro drums and vocals), Javelin Hortsmann (bass, synths and vocals) and Lil K Big Q (guitar and vocals). Tthe trio have quickly developed a reputation or a sound that possesses elements of anaarcho-punk, industrial electronica, hip-hop, thrash punk and others – and in a way that that bears a resemblance to the likes of MinistryAtari Teenage RiotJoy DivisionLight Asylum and others.

Their politically charged singles “Start Fires” and “Stop and Frisk” have received quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere and the promoters and bookers at the Afropunk Festival this past August. I actually caught up with the Austin, TX-based trio before their Afropunk Festival for a rare in-person interview that conveniently turned into a Joy of Violent Movement first – an audio interview recorded from my trusty (and apparently obsolete) iPhone 5. 

The strange thing about interviews is that although you can be pretty prepared, there’s a moment in which you realize that maybe you forgot something or someone says something that completely catches you off guard – in this case, I thought i had forgotten a key question that i had written down and couldn’t find my notebook. It’s actually one of the funnier and strangest parts of the interview. 

But more important, I talk to the members of the band about their wild array of influences, how the members of the band met, their songwriting process, how they came about their name, their then-up coming Afropunk set, their forthcoming debut album, and much more. 

And if I can properly figure out the logistics, there may be more of this in the future. Check it out.