Bob Nanna has been a part of the indie rock and emo scene for more than 20 years as a member of Braid, Lifted Bells, Jack and Ace, the downtempo electronic collaboration with his wife and his solo project, The City On Film. 

The City On Film got its start back in 1999 during a Braid hiatus and has been active in some fashion although mostly in the background. Nanna’s latest effort as The City On Film, La Vella is heavily influenced by the crowdsourced efforts of his custom songwriting website, Most of the album’s material is influenced by stories of nine fans which would gives the material a universal yet very personal feel. 

Interestingly, the album’s first single “Remember to Breathe” will likely remind you of 90s era grunge – in particular, Dinosaur, Jr., Mudhoney, early Foo Fighters, and others. in other words buzzing guitars and thunderous are paired with extremely pop-orientated (or perhaps i should say, arena rock-like?) hooks and earnest lyrics.