Bombay Dub Orchestra was formed over ten years ago, after the duo of Andrew T. Mackey and Garry Hughes visited Bombay, and found themselves inspired and deeply influenced by their experiences working with Indian orchestras. After their experience in Indian, Mackay and Hughes decided to try their compositional skills by working with mid-tempo and downtempo electronica, and as their says – dub but with a global bent.

And speaking of globally minded, Mackay and Hughes travelled to the US, London, Bombay (er uhmmm Mumbai), Delhi and Kingston, Jamaica to collaborate with the likes of Sly and RobbieUjwal Nagar and Suhail Yusuf Khan from Delhi-based fusion band Advaita, Macedonion singer Tanja Tzar, sitar player Asad Khan and sarod maestro Soumik Datta, as well as a number of Turkish string players and soloists on the recording sessions that comprised their forthcoming album. Tales from the Grand Bazaar. 

Bohemia Junction” is the first single off the album which Six Degrees Records will release on October 8th, and it manages to adeptly mesh Western and Eastern instrumentation and music – in particular, check out the utterly gorgeous strings. It creates the feeling of a song that manages to be both modern and utterly timeless.