Born and raised in Iowa, singer/songwriter Allyson Ezell had spent time zigzagging through different countries, across different cities, through a variety of jobs and love affairs, and naturally that kind of life frequently leads to a helluva lot of loss. While spending time in Paris, Ezell had fallen in love with the city of light and relocated to Paris, where she set her mind on perfecting a brand of electro pop that’s been compared to the likes of St. Vincent, Annie Lennox and others. 

Ezell’s latest single “Talk To Me,” off her forthcoming The Ease of Remembering Sparks EP produced by Brandon Darner, who’s best known for his work with Imagine Dragons, pairs Ezell’s effortlessly soulful vocals with brief bursts of twinkling keyboards, gently swirling electronics, brief bursts of strings, and hip-hop inspired beats. The track continues an ongoing trend of contemporary pop – icily sparse production paired with a vocalist, who possesses vocals that can crack through the ice. 

Lyrically, the song’s narrator discusses a lover, who “looks like a villain but talks like an angel,” evoking a slick talking sort, who leaves confusion and heartache in their wake. Throughout the song, the narrator feels an irresistible pull towards this lover and yet there’s an awareness that this relationship can lead to disaster. It describes at least one relationship I’ve been in at some point with an uncanny accurately.