British multi-instrumentalist and multi-disciplinary Fictonian is one of a long stretch of contemporary artists who deliberately cloak themselves in mysterious – both to evade definition and to purposely place the emphasis not on the artist or on a marketing hook but on the actual artwork itself. Interestingly, his music is just one part of a larger project that will eventually incorporate both visual art and literature, which suggests that the man behind the Fictonian is extremely talented. 

Fictonian’s first two singles “Full Circle Influence” and “Double Negative” were released last year to critical praise from the likes of The Line of Best Fit, DIY Mag, La Blogotheque, NME’s Buzz of the Week and Q Magazine. His latest single “Make it Be Ours” will officially see a May 4 release through Distiller Music, is a somewhat hushed yet swooning pop song about the power of both imagination and love comprised of twinkling keyboards, military-style drumming, guitar and bass paired with Fictonian’s lilting and dreamy vocals. Although deeply intimate and personal, the song also manages to feel cinematic – as though it should be part of a soundtrack of either a romantic drama or a rom com. In either one, you can picture the protagonist realizes that the love of their life is actually right in front of their face.