Britt Teusink (vocals, programming, synthesizer), Eric Grantham (drums, programing) and Gage Gilmore (bass, synthesizer) formed deadCAT in a moldy basement in the Edgewood section of Atlanta, GA back in 2011, as a sort of weird offshoot from A. Grimes. And since their inception the trio of deadCAT has released 6 EPs worth of material, while being critically praised; in fact,Creative Loafing named deadCAT, their “Best Creepy New Band” of 2012. And perhaps more impressive, the folks at Red Bull Sound Select called the trio “an artist to watch” earlier this year. 

Psych Army intergalactic will be releasing the Atlanta, GA-based trio’s anticipated full-length debut, Transientualism on Tuesday, and I suspect that the new album will put the trio out on the national scene. The album’s first single, “Glossolalia” is densely layered — you’ll hear wobbly synths with searingly acidic synths burning through the mix, warping it ever so slightly and yet the song is propelled forward, thanks to some stormy hip-hop influenced drums.It’s trippy, abrasive and yet danceable. However, the album’s second single “Cents” employs the use of swirling electronics, plinking synths and boom bap drums to craft a song that feels simultaneously dreamy and anxious. Interestingly, this track bears an uncanny resemblance to Kid A-era Radiohead.