Brooklyn-based band Caviare Days initially started out as the sibling duo of Lina and Maja Westin, but the sibling duo eventually expanded to a quintet when Timmy Grim (drums), Boris Grubesic (guitar) and Marcus Arborelius (keys, synthesizer bass). Interestingly, the quintet has received attention internationally – they’ve appeared on BBC Introducing, toured and recorded in Germany, took part in a collaboration with The Soundtrack of Our Lives’ Ebbot Lundberg, which was released to critical praise across Europe, and followed that up with a Scandinavian tour, opening for Lundberg’s band, The Soundtrack of Our Lives. 

Produced by Gordon Raphael, best known for his work with The Strokes and Regina Spektor, and Matts Björke, best known for his work with Mando Diao, the Brooklyn-based quintet’s forthcoming EP, Like Me reportedly has the band capturing their live sound while channeling the sound of the 90s – in fact, the EP’s first single, EP title track “Like Me” brings to mind shoegaze, Brit pop and the work of the great PJ Harvey, as the song consists of precise, yet propulsive drumming, layers of forceful and angular guitars played through scuzzy distortion and buzzing feedback paired with the seductively cooed harmonies of the Westin sisters. 

As Maja Westin explains, “The title track of the EP, ‘Like Me’ is about facing oneself without realizing it. There’s a kind of bitter irony in the fact that no matter how far you fly, you will never get away from yourself, particularly not with a broken wing.” And the song points to this observation with a similarly bitter, sneering irony