Brooklyn-based producer and electronic artist Michael Bouldry-Morrison, better known by his stage name Octo Octa released Between Two Selves, one of the best and most memorable electronica/electronic dance music albums last year. Sonically, the material on that album was lush and densely layered –  so gorgeously lush that it shimmers and glistens with slick synthesizers, wobbly reverb and wobblier bass that makes it all sound as though the album was recorded during either a torrential rain storm or under water. Tracks like “Bad Blood” and my favorite track on the album “Please Don’t Leave” reveal that the whole album is subtly influenced by old school house, R&B, drum and bass and rave techno, often backed by icily precise synths and robotic vocal samples that drift and float through the mix, seemingly at will. “Come Closer” “His Kiss” and “Work Me” employ the same dreamily ethereal feel but with seductively thumping bass and a warm, whirring buzz – reminding listeners that there’s substance holding the ethereal nature of Octo Octa’s sound together.

But after the successes of two full-length releases and a handful of samples on 100% Silk, Bouldry-Morrison moved on to Chicago-based label, Argot. And from “Where Did You Go?” the first single off the “Where Did You Go?”/“Through the Haze” Bouldry-Morrison further cements his reputation for crafting a sound that woes a great debt to old school house music, much like his excellent Between Both Sides; however, the single manages to be hazier and evokes condensation fogging up the windows thanks in part to thick, syrupy keyboard chords, skittering drums, whirling, swilling electronics, icy synths that seems as though they’re slowly melting from the beating, dancing heart right under the surface.