Brooklyn-based trio Dead Stars have captured the blogosphere over the last couple of years with a sound that consists of fuzzy, power chords fed through layers of feedback and anthemic pop melodies and hooks; it’s the sort of sound that has had many of my colleagues compare the trio’s sound to the likes of 90s grunge heroes Dinosaur, Jr, Sonic Youth and Pavement, among others. 

Last year, the trio received quite a bit of attention after the release of their full-length debut Slumber and their appearance at last year’s 4 Knots Festival, which also included Mac DeMarco (who I still can’t understand), Dinosaur, Jr., Viet Cong, Speedy Ortiz and others. With the release of their latest single “Calm Punk,” Dead Stars continue their reputation for a sound that channels the 90s, thanks in part to a song that begins with a throbbing and propulsive bass line that persists throughout the song, huge, buzzing power chords paired with howled vocals – and wrapped around an anthemic hook. It has the sort of populist, crowd-pleasing sound that you’d expect rocking an arena full of lustily singing kids.