Brooklyn-led band San Fermin is led by Ellis Ludwig-Leone who once studied composition at Yale University, and through his work as the assistant to Nico Muhly has worked on arrangements of songs by Sufjan Stevens, the National, Passion Pit and others. After graduating from college, Ludwig-Leone spent a couple of months in the Canadian Rockies and when we returned from New York he had written the material that wound up eventually becoming San Fermin’s self-titeld, forthcoming debut. He then enlisted friend and long-term collaborator Allen Tate, and Holly Laesing and Jess Wolfe of Lucius as a core unit. Ludwig-Leone then enlisted a group of musicians who have played with Bon Iver, ACME and Asphalt Orchestra with brass, and strings. 

“Sonsick” is the first single from their forthcoming release, which will drop on February 12th, 2013 and it should be no surprise that this track will remind you quite a bit of the National, Bon Iver and others but with smaller, humbler roots – as thought you can picture them reproducing this sound in a tiny, local club. But it still manages to have a stunning beauty and sincerity.