Brown Sabbath: Brownout’s Latin Funk Interpretations of Black Sabbath at Brooklyn Bowl 9/5/14

Brown Sabbath: Brownout’s Latin Funk Interpretations of Black Sabbath

Brooklyn Bowl

September 5, 2014

As I’ve mentioned countless times, often having two completely different jobs often creates competing and sometimes contradictory demands for my time and attention. And as you can imagine, it means that that I’m usually trying to squeeze time in somewhere, somehow; in fact, I’ve started this post while sitting in the waiting room at Elmhurst General Hospital for my mother, who’s in the middle of a procedure. (I know, I’m working but if I’m not working I’d likely be wearing a hole through the waiting room floor from pacing. I would hope that they would prefer me working. Plus, work is for me, at least, a great solace.) 

But back to the matter at hand for a bit. Back in early September, I caught Brownout’s triumphant return to Brooklyn Bowl for Brown Sabbath, Latin Funk Interpretations of Black Sabbath and it was honestly, perhaps even more incredible than their incredible set at the unofficial home office back in February, thanks in part to an even more energetic crowd headbanging along to every single song of their Black Sabbath set, and grooving for their Brownout set. And I mean every single song. They’re still touring behind this concept and if they’re playing at a music venue near you, you should go out and catch them. I guarantee you that you’ll have fun. 

Check out photos from the show below. 

For these photos and more, check out the Flickr set here: