Cancers are the Athens, GA (by way of Vancouver, BC and NYC)-based duo of Ella Kasper and Lenny Miller, who originally met while they were touring with their own respective bands. Kapser and Miller decided to work on a project in which they didn’t have to comprise. 

And as Cancers their sound manages to be both scuzzy and airy in a way that reminds me quite a bit of Liz Phair, as you’ll hear on “Be Cool” off their soon-to-be released Fatten the Leeches – in particular, I think of “Supernova” thanks to the song’s emphasis on huge, arena rocking power chords and breathy vocals. (Interesting note, Jack Endino, who produced some of the early work of Soundgarden, Nirvana, Hole and Babes in Toyland produced the band’s album, and it bears some of his touch.)