Chicago-based producers and artists Autograf have had a rather busy summer as they’ve started a remix series called Future Summer in which they give their own futuristic house/summer festival treatment to a song that they’ve been digging for a bit. The first was a remix of Pharrell and Daft Punk’s “Gust of Wind." 

The latest remix in the series is a remix of Soulwax/2Many DJs’s "One.” And Autograft’s remix gives the song a tribal, Tropical feel that undulates towards the listener and yet feels sweaty and sensual in a way that’s brings to mind late 80s and early 90s house music – in other words, layers of  syrupy synth chords, throbbing bass, polyrhythm and cooed vocals. In some way, you’d fully expect to hear this sort of track at a club or at an electronica festival with strobe lights flashing before you.