Chicago has been the home of a rather prominent garage rock scene, a scene that includes dear friends White Mystery, My Gold Mask and countless others. Miles Lee, an alt-country, folk-rock, blues-rock artist who records and performs under the moniker Chief Ghoul will likely cement the Windy City garage scene’s prominence with the release of his third full-length effort, III later this Spring. 

“Bed of Nails,” the latest single off Lee’s forthcoming effort is comprised of a sparse arrangement of Lee on vocals, accompanying himself on guitar, with both being played through layers of reverb and other distortion, his sound harkens back to the delta blues days of Lightnin’ Hopkins, Blind Willie Johnson, the legendary Robert Johnson and countless others and continues onward in some fashion with the likes of Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton and others. But in particular, because of its spectral, eerie sound the track sounds as though it were produced by T Bone Burnett.  

In an interview with the folks at Drunken Werewolf, Lee mentioned that “Bed of Nails” “represents a lot of different topics, all of them can be equally frustrating but equally as rewarding if you put enough love into them. So I guess this song is about the struggles in getting to somewhere or something, and how rewarding those struggles can be."