Chris Kittrell records and performs under the moniker of Baby Alpaca, and his first single, the slow-burning but hauntingly beautiful “Sea of Dreams” had over 50,000 streams in it’s first three weeks available. And although sparsely arranged with just Kittrell’s vocals, guitar for the first roughly 2/3s, you’ll hear a bit of piano softly in the background, it reminded me quite a bit of Echo and the Bunnymen, as well as the Smiths. “Wild Child,” the latest single off the album sounds quite a bit like the Smiths, if they were covering Simply Red or some old school soul. 

The video which was shot in the outskirts of Palm Springs, CA was inspired by a rather profound experience Kitrell had while in the Sahara Desert – an experience of profound clarity underneath the gigantic desert sky. It actually fits a very beautiful but somewhat unsettling song.