Chris Synder, Ace Reporter’s frontman wrote “Untouched and Arrived” off the band’s latest effort, Yearling while traveling for a few weeks in South America. In interviews Synder has claimed that the song captures the “exhilaration of traveling to a new place – which is such an imaginative, childlike experience where everything is new – and the relief of being home among those you love" 

The video directed by Elliot Sellers is stunningly beautiful – as a photographer there are shots that I just envy: the beginning sequence with video’s protagonist walking through corn stalks; lead singer Synder (as well as the boy) bathed in golden light; the boy sitting at the edge of his pool’s diving board throwing paper airplanes …  The video delves into the exaggerated reality and the big dreams of the video’s protagonist, a young boy with the same sense of awe.