Colored Emotions, which was released earlier this year through Domino Records is the Minneapolis, MN-based Night Moves’ debut effort. And “Colored Emotions,” the album’s title track was the first single from the trio’s debut effort. The song which manages to bear a vague resemblance to MGMT actually reveals a great debt to psychedelica and to 70s rock – but with a subtle bit of funk thrown in. It’s kind of a subtle Quiet Storm-like feel. 

The official video was recently released and at some point it involves a fast food picnic on a waterbed – and it turns interesting. Anyway, it’s an odd video for sure. 

“Colored Emotions” is the latest single from Night Moves’ recently released album, Colored Emotions. The Minneapolis, MN-based band’s sound reminds me a lot of early to mid 70s rock — it’s soulful but with a sensual, late night/Quiet Storm sort of groove and a psychedelic feel. It kind of reminds me a bit of Ellis Ashbrook and the Phenomenal Handclap Band