Comprised of Anna Gebhardt (vocals, keyboards), Ryan Siter (guitar) and Phil Young (bass), the Des Moines, IA-based trio of Annalibera can trace its origins as a reaction to Gebhardt finding her classical training at Drake University restrictive – restrictive to the point that she found herself returning to her farming roots in rural Nebraska, where she grew with free-spirited folk and country music, PJ Harvey, Kate Bush and Aphex Twin and the other records she grew up obsessing over as a child. While studying, she started writing music in an old house that she was living in across the street from the University’s fine arts center. In between her studies and hanging out with her classmates, she found herself writing constantly. 

The band released a three song self-titled EP that received quite a bit of attention; in fact, as a result of the EP, they opened at 80/35, which was headlined by David Byrne and St. Vincent, Wu-Tang Clan, Yeasayer and Dearhunter, and they later recorded a Daytrotter session. And adding to a quickly growing profile, Paste Magazine praised the band as one of Iowa’s best contemporary acts. The band’s full-length debut, Nevermind, I Love You slated for release next Tuesday features all three songs of their self-titled EP along with 5 other songs primarily based around love – namely, the love and eventual breakup between Gebhardt and Siter and their own unique complexities. And on the album’s latest single (and video) “Blooms,” the single is a lilting synth-based pop song that sounds as though it owes a debt to the Go-Go’s – but with a sweet and sorrowful ache at the heart of the song. 

The video which was created by Deft is based around footage shot in the immediate aftermath of Siter and Gebhardt’s breakup and shows how they try to navigate the aftermath of their breakup while being in a band. And even if you remove the band aspect of it, the idea of moving on can seem at least initially extremely difficult – especially when you’re young.