Comprised of childhood friends, Scott Johnson (vocals and guitar), Giuseppe De Luca (vocals and guitar), Adam Taylor (bass), Sean Goodchild (guitar) and Graham Robson (drums), the Leeds, UK-based quintet of Goodbye Chanel came about as several members of the band were traveling between Paris, Berlin and Brighton – all three of which are about a good day or so drive between each other. 

With a sound comprised of shimmering guitars fed through reverb, layered vocal harmonies and a typically British melancholy feel reminiscent of The Smiths and of Australia’s Husky, the band claims Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush and several others as influences. And as a result, the band has received praise from the likes of NME MagazineDIY Magazine, The Line of Best Fit and Dummy Magazine. 

Produced by Richard Formby, who has worked with Wild Beasts, Ghostpoet and Spectrals, the Leeds-based quintet’s forthcoming double A side single “Youth/Maman” is the follow up to their Hot City Nights EP. Slated for a November 17 release, the new single will further cement the band’s reputation for crafting a sound that’s gorgeous and ethereal with a melancholic and wistful feel. It feels like a pleasant dream that you’ve just woken up from and wish you could continue …

“Youth” describes the sensation of being in youthful love with a wistfulness and a sense of hopeful longing, and in some way you can picture yourself with a new love at the beach with all of the youthful promises that now seem silly and ridiculous as you get older. “Maman” is a soaring, pop-orientated song that sounds as though the band were listening to Vampire Weekend – well, sort of. But in both singles check out the gorgeous harmonies paired with equally gorgeous guitar playing.