Comprised of Dustin Aaron Scharlach, Jheremy Arthur Grigsby and Wiley “ms. dr. child” Hickson, the Portland, OR-based quartet Landlines have developed a reputation for specializing and crafting an old-school inspired basement, guitar rock that should sound lovably familiar; in fact, their label, Mt. St. Mtn, caught the band open for Male Gaze and The Woolen Men sometime ago and were so impressed by the what they consider the band’s “Kiwi influenced, DIY power pop” that they had  to reissue the band’s Log Out, Tune Up, Drop Dead cassette on vinyl.  

And once you hear album single “Things Haven’t Been the Same (Since You Got Back from Italy)” you’ll hear melodic, Dinosaur, Jr.-like power chord-fueled pop that sounds as though it were recorded in 1993 or so.