Comprised of Jamie Lefler and Robert Cepeda, the Los Angeles, CA-based duo of DWNTWN originally got their start when both Lefler and Cepeda were getting over really bad breakups – interestingly and perhaps awkwardly Lefler had been with Cepeda’s brother. 

After spending weekends recording demos into an iPhone and with the passing of time, both Lefler and Cepeda decided that they should turn those demos into fully-fleshed out songs. After the release of the duo’s debut EP, The Red Room the band expanded to a quartet, which further fleshed out the band’s sound.

“Til’ Tomorrow,” is the breezy, summery first single off the band’s self-titled EP slated for an April 29 release that consists of hazy synths and ethereal harmonies. And much like a summer song, the song is essentially about being stuck in a stale routine, and desperately desiring an escape. 

Courtney Taniguchi’s pencil sketches also emphasize the breezy feel of the song in an almost playful but fitting fashion.