Comprised of Jussi Brightmore and Thomas Fuselgang, the London-based duo Gum Takes Tooth have developed a reputation for a sound that boldly eschews pigeonholing and easy categorization as their sound possesses elements of prog rock, industrial electronica, acid house, drum ‘n’ bass, metal, noise rock/noise pop, doom pop, psychedelia and other things meshed into a heady, primal, difficult to describe mix that sounds like the sort of music you’d expect to hear post apocalypse. Interestingly, the duo of Brightmore and Fuselgang are set to re-issue and re-reelease their innovative and strange debut effort Silent Cenotaph on vinyl on Friday – and to celebrate the reissue, the band re-released album single “Tannkjøtt,” a dense and lengthy track consisting of buzzing, grinding synths, bleeping and blooping synths at weird pitches, feedback, thundering, tribal-like drumming and distorted vocals. It’s abrasive, punishingly forceful and trance-inducing in equal measures, and yet will sound unlike anything you would have heard in the past few years.