Comprised of Lee Bozeman (vocals), Jamey Bozeman (guitar), Glenn Black (drums), Chris Foley (bass) and Matt Hinton (guitar), the quintet Luxury formed in the early 1990s in Toccoa, Georgia, the birthplace of Paul Anderson, “The World’s Strongest Man” and the legendary James Brown. And from their formation, the quintet quickly developed a reputation for a frenetic live show and for a brash, swaggering presence. But over the years life has changed them, as they survived a catastrophic, near fatal wreck while on tour, in which members of the band suffered broken necks and assorted broken bones – with Lee Bozeman narrowly averting becoming paralyzed. And as a result, the members of Luxury wound up with a sobering, wide-eyed regard for life; the sort of regard that has forced the members to focus their energies on reflecting upon their lives and upon life as its lived. In fact, the band’s fifth full-length effort, Trophies may arguably be the most introspective material they’ve ever released with songs that thematically cover their young lives, their love of The Smiths, the priesthood (three of the band’s members are Eastern Orthodox priests) 

“You Must Change Your Life,” the latest single from Trophies is a slickly produced bit of power pop-infused punk that sounds as equally indebted to Bad Religion as it does to The Smiths and Fugazi, as harmonies are paired with arena-friendly power chords that give the song a cinematic heft. But the lyrics reveal a novelistic introspection and attention to detail – it captures the mindset, heart and soul of the narrator in a way that feels fully fleshed out and real, complete with the ridiculous hopes, indecision and naivety of youth. And there’s a sense that the narrator is looking back on a particular part of life with equal parts a grimace and a smile that belies the punk swagger of the song.