Comprised of producer/instrumentalist Kenny Grimm and lyricist/vocalist Naomi Almquist, the duo of Prinze George take their name from Prince George’s County, where they both grew up. The duo first met back in 2012 when a 12 year old Almquist used to hang out with the then-16 year old Grimm’s younger brother. 

Ten years later, Grimm was a recent Berklee graduate and anxiously seeking folks to start a band with – especially a vocalist. At one point, Almquist was back home during Christmas break during her senior year of study in Chicago, and the duo started collaborating together. Almquist decided to delay her plans to go to grad school and a year later, the duo moved to NYC. 

Their second single “Victor” received quite a bit of attention from newfound fans and the blogosphere as it hit the top of the Hype Machine charts without promotion or publicity (which in of itself is impressive). Their latest single “Don’t Speak to Me” is a breezily summer pop tune – layers of ethereal synths and swirling electronics are balanced with Almquist’s equally ethereal cooed vocals. And of course, like any well-crafted pop song the duo of Grimm and Almquist have managed to master an ability to write a catchy hook.