Comprised of the sibling trio of Allie, Jaclyn and Trevor Blumas, the Toronto. ON/Montreal QC-based electronic act Doomsquad. With the release of their debut full-length effort, Kalaboogie, the Blumases won attention across their native Canada and internationally for a unique brand of downtempo electronica – a post apocalyptic sound consisting of ritualistic-like chanting and repetition and guitar, flute and synth paired with stark, minimalist beats that create a deeply anxious tension that undulates towards the listener. It also evoked the tension that happens when an ancient culture or tradition finds itself uneasily colliding with modern life, all while suggesting that their sound would approximate the music you’d expect to hear when civilization as we know it collapses. 

“Apocalypso” the first single of the band’s recently released Pageantry Suite EP expands upon the sound that won the Canadian trio international attention; in this case, tribal percussion, natural sounds, bursts of angular guitar and angular bass and boy/girl harmonies paired with shimmering synths. It’s breezier than than their previous releases while still evoking a sense of dread and doom. Upon repeated listens, the track bears a resemblance to Fear of Music and Speaking in Tongues-era Talking Heads, as the song possesses a neurotic tenseness that belies the song’s breezy nature. In some way, the track suggests that with the impending apocalypse, you might as well dance your ass off.