Congo Sanchez, Hydroponics and Groove Status are teaming up to form a new label, Herb Records. And the first order of business for the new label is to proudly make it’s arrival known – with the release of the Herb Records Compilation. With this almost 40 minute mix, listeners will be introduced to the Herb Records collective. So what will you hear? You’ll hear some downtempo trip hop, some spaced out dub reggae, moombah, electronic dance music and world funk – and through the compilation you can tell that there was an organic production approach: the tracks effortlessly and seamlessly glide into each other, creating the sense that they’re conversing with one another. (The album officially drops on November 5th, and each of the members of the Herb Records collective will be on tour in a venue near you.)

Overall, the collective sound is trippy, funky and yet smooth, while creating the sense of jet setting through an international world of funk and dance music.