Cut Copy’s second album, In Ghost Colours may well be one of my favorite albums of the past decade as it deftly mixes psychedelica, slickly produced synth pop and indie rock in a way that feels transcendent and yet deeply personal. At times throughout the album, the lyrics felt as though they spoke to me about my life and experience — and in a way that felt as though lead vocalist Dan Whitford was in my head. Their follow up, Zonoscope was a change in sonic direction as it incorporated tribal beats and other elements to create a sweaty, tropical feel. Personally, the album was a bit of disappointment for me — there were a handful of club bangers but lyrically and sonically it felt as though there were something deeply missing for the most part. However, to be fair, it can be extremely difficult for most bands to come back after an exceptional album. (I think of Nas, whose eponymous Illmatic was released 20 years ago, and how every single release after that has been compared to his debut. Unfair isn’t it?)

November 5th marks the release of Cut Copy’s fourth full-length effort, Free Your Mind through Modular Recordings and Loma Vista Recordings. And with the release of the first single, the album title track, “Free Your Mind,” it seems as though the band is subtly (and perhaps very slightly) returning to form. The track bears a resemblance to the material off Bright Like Neon Love as it’s sound is much more like synth-based rave-inspired house music but much like Zonoscope it retains some tribal elements thanks to a slick congo sample before the hook.  

The official video features Alexander Skarsgaard as a cult leader, which fits into the summer of love, ecstatic feel of the song.