Dege Legg writes, performs and records under the moniker Brother Dege, and as Brother Dege, Legg has been a bit of a closely-kept secret in his native Louisiana. Avoiding traditional career paths, Legg has spent a couple of decades exploring some of the backwoods weirdness of the Deep South/Mississippi Delta and creating his own stamp on the blues – in fact, his material which possess elements Delta blues, punk, rock, metal, hippie ragas and outlaw country, among other genres was frequently recorded in trailer parks, sheds and other low-rent environments.

His 2010 release, Folk Songs of the American Longhair caught the attention of Quentin Tarantino and in some way with Tarantino’s choice of “Too Old to Die Young” for his fantastic and controversial film, Django Unchained may have begun the slow process of putting Legg out into the national stage. 

“How to Kill a Horse,” the first single and album title track for Legg’s forthcoming album, How to Kill a Horse is a moody bit of Delta blues reminiscent of the great Son House (and in some way Alice in Chains, too) in the fact that the song is concerned about the darkest and often contradictory recesses of the human soul and heart.