Denver Dalley once played alongside Conor Oberst, Ian McElroy and Matt Baum in the band Desparecidos, and their first and only album, Read Music/Speak Spanish was critically praised for its raw emotional feel. While each member had their own projects, Dalley began focusing on his own solo project, Statistics, an act that meshes electronica and rock in a rather slick way. it’s been some time since Dalley has released an album as Statistics – he took a hiatus to work on scoring films and creating music to be licensed in commercials; he was also a hired gun, playing guitar for several acts. 

Peninsula is the first album from Statistics in about 8 years and it shows growth in the songwriting and production – it may be his slickest, most accessible album yet. “Take the Lead” which features Har Mar Superstar is a funky track that may remind you of Jamiroquai and of Miami Horror