DeRobert and the Half-Truth’s 2011 release, Soul in a Digital World was a worthy addition on my best of list last year because it was refreshingly old school and sincere, and showed how profoundly deep soul music’s resurgence has been – and it shouldn’t be surprising because soul music is supposed to move you with joy, tears, pride, and any other emotion you can think of while often commenting on larger social issues.

Nashville’s G.E.D. Soul Records will be releasing the follow up to Soul in a Digital World early next year, and “I Got Burned,” is the first single from the new effort. Check out my man DeRobert’s silky smooth voice, and the Half-Truths who are probably one of the funkiest contemporary bands playing soul in the entire country – although the Funk Ark may well be funkier. The horn line is reminiscent of James Brown. And despite the modern lyrics, I think anyone can associate with a song in which it’s protagonist describes getting burned by a lover. If you don’t want to get up and dance after hearing this one, you have a cold, unfeeling heart. 

I’m looking forward to some more soul in my life, and looking very forward to hearing the new material.