Describing their sound as being “like the trashing and squawking of a buzzard with its leg in a mantrap,” the Bristol, UK-based band Falling Stacks have released three critically applauded EPs of music that’s boisterous, noisy, unfettered and absolutely fucking weird. And with the forthcoming release of their full-length debut, No Wives, Falling Stacks might cement their band’s reputation for channeling the like of Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Shellac, and others. 

Starting off with chiming guitar chords that begin to coalesce into a gentle, peaceful drone, a wobbling bass line quickly enters before the song turns into a brief yet powerful bursts of noise, complete with buzzing guitars and chanted lyrics. The band’s tendency towards complete chaos is reined into a precarious tightrope walk between absolute noisy chaos and a dimly recognizable song structure – granted, that song structure is one held together by the repeated chiming and droning guitar section but a song structure all the same. It’s odd, furious and yet just underneath you can sense that the band has a very dry, British humor.