Detroit, MI-based electronica/electro pop duo ADULT. has been on a hiatus for quite some time – about 6 years at this point. And in that time, Adam Miller and Nicola Kuperus had been focusing on visual art, including a trilogy of films known as the Three Grace(s) Triptych. The duo originally went into the studio to record a couple of songs, and they were so inspired by the experience that they wound up writing an album’s worth of material – the end result is their forthcoming effort, The Way Things Fall which will see a May 21st release through Ghostly International (yet another label that’s been putting out some rather interesting material). “Tonight, We Fall” is the second single from the band’s first album in over 6 years, and it’s incredibly dense, yet slickly produced song that should remind the listener of shimmering but incredibly taut 80s electro pop.