Diamond Version is the collaborative project of German-based label, Raster-Noton heads Byetone and Alva Noto. And as solo artists and as members of Diamond Version, both Noto and Byetone have developed a reputation for releasing work that blurs the lines between the conceptual and the visceral. In particular, they’ve released electronica that can be bridge the gaps between the art gallery and the dancefloor. The duo have a forthcoming effort which will drop on 12" vinyl on November 26th, and digitally on December 4th titled, EP2, and the EP’s 3 tracks reportedly explore what Noto and Byetone have coined as Daily Short Message Information Culture (DSMIC), their term for the incessant bombardment of short messages that are repeated so much that they lose their initial meaning. 

“Science for a Better Life,” is the first single from that album, and it delivers it’s message with an irony that renders it absurd and meaningless. Sonically this track has a minimalist feel similar to that of Kraftwerk and they manage to mix their sensibility with DEVO’s humor.