Distractions, John Nagle’s debut album is an album of songs which focus on two eccentric, offbeat souls who as almost all offbeat souls do, become entangled in love, eventually break up but remain friends and collaborators – yes, it’s the story of Nagle and his producer/collaborator Naheen Kula. 

Right before they met, John unwittingly discovered Nahneen’s home-made recordings online and was immediately captivated by her voice which is featured all across the album. John’s guitar driven grooves and breathy vocals are complimented by her electronic embellishments.

“Blank Space” is the first single off the album and it has a playful, light-hearted feel which also manages to express a childlike sense of wonder. discovery and glee. while having a slinky funk to it. it’s actually quite a fun song and I think you’ll think the same.