EP Stream: Yeah Boy’s R&B Influenced, Summery, Electro Pop, Club Banger “Wildfire”

The Adelaide, Australia-based producer and electronic music artist Johnny Castro is best known as one-half of the critically acclaimed production and electronic music duo, Parachute Youth. Since the breakup of Parachute Youth, Castro has focused on a solo recording project Yeah Boy; in fact, his debut single with the Yeah Boy project, “Can’t Get Enough” received national and international attention in electronic music circles, and Castro has followed that up with the recent release of the Wildfire EP. 

The EP’s opening track “Looking for Sunshine” is a slickly produced, densely layered, R&B-leaning electro pop song consisting of subtly skittering percussion, soulful keyboard chords, finger snaps, and a seductive croon to craft a sound that’s summery, breezy and upbeat. “Stay” features guest vocals from Castro’s sister KIKI, and places her hazily cooed vocals around stuttering and cascading synths, wobbling bass and big, boom-bap like beats emphasized by soul claps and swirling electronics. Sonically, “Stay” sounds like Janet Jackson‘s “If” as though it were remixed in a shimmering house music club banger. EP closer “Wildfire” consists of shimmering and cascading synths, room rocking beats and pairs it with layers of coolly seductive vocals. And although “Wildfire” possesses a subtle, hip-hop influenced swagger, the song manages a bracingly icy feel that reminds me quite a bit of Octo Octa‘s Between Two Selves,

Wildfire‘s three songs reveal that Castro has a unique and effortless take on a contemporary sound — and although the material possesses razor sharp, club banging hooks, it feels so loose, so effortless that it seems improvised and yet deliberately, thoughtfully made.