February 11th will mark the release of Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold. the third full-length effort from the 22 year-old Ottawa, ON-based singer/songwriter Kalle Mattson. As the follow up to Anchors and Lives In Between, the material on Mattson’s forthcoming effort thematically focuses on the duality between hope and death, as the album was written in Mattson’s childhood home in Sault St. Marie, ON, where he began writing songs, and where he gradually came to terms with the death of his mother 5 years prior. 

The first two videos from Mattson’s forthcoming album, “Waterfalls” and “Thick As Thieves” have gathered over 1.5 million views, thanks in part to creative, groundbreaking visual elements – in particular, “Thick As Thieves’ uses animation to satirically portray the universe and Earth itself as places where violence and death are common place. And it’s done in an adorable fashion. But it also helps that the song that accompanies the video is an incredibly well-crafted, sweet love song with small novelistic details that ground abstraction in reality.