Fire Records released We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This, the New Zealand-based Surf City’s latest album. The album continues to cement the band’s reputation for a creating a sound that’s full of hazy reverb, yet extremely melodic while possessing a subtle, psychedelic buzz – and in some way wear it bears a similarity to Washing Machine-era Sonic Youth but with tighter hooks. 

“NYC” was not only the single from the album, it’s also the first video from the album, as well. THe video has the members of the band acting like a somewhat ridiculous but kind of badass sort of hipster gang who harass other, more helpless hipsters. 

is the first single from the new effort and what better way to start a week than to pay tribute to the beloved hometown, right? And what better way to pay tribute than with a song that’s so catchy — and yet kind of stormy. There’s a brief underlying sense of menace to the song.