Formed in Dublin, Ireland back in 2011, the quintet of September Girls, who derive their name from a Big Star song via the Bangles, quickly recorded a number of demos and began booking bigs both in Ireland and England, and then released a handful of limited released singles on various cassette and 7 inch labels around the world. Most notably (and most recently), they released “Ships” through PINSHaus of PINS Label, a single that received critical applause from the likes of Pitchfork and others. 

The band’s full-length debut, Cursing the Sea is slated for a March 11th release through Fortuna Pop! Records, and the first single “Green Eyed,” should give folks a great sense of their sound – it possesses a hazy, atmospheric feel completed by fuzzy guitars fed through reverb, ethereal and eerie vocals. and urgent yet insistent drumming. 

Sonically, in some way the song reminds me quite a bit of Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here era Echo and the Bunnymen, as the song also possesses a dark, foreboding feel. However, lyrically this song like the rest of the songs on the album cover heartache, as well as failed and disastrous relationships – much like the relationship at the heart of “Green Eyed,” in which the narrator realizes that they’re trapped in a relationship with someone who’s untrustworthy. 

You can catch the band when they cross the pond for a series of US dates including SXSW